Trial Support

Trial Support

War Room

Because we have worked on so many trials—and in so many war rooms—we bring a breadth of experience and depth of calm where and when it is needed most. We know what trials are like, we know what attorneys need and, for almost 30 years, we have developed ways of working with trial teams that ensures efficiency, effectiveness, and equanimity in even the toughest situations.

The Focal Point can help you set up a war room and figure out who should be there and when. Working with you and your team during trial, we can also help you refine your opening statements and key testimony, create or update your graphics, prepare your witnesses, assist you in finalizing your presentation materials, and lend guidance as you develop your closing argument.

We can also work with your expert witnesses to help them develop and refine their presentations, so they can provide more persuasive testimony to judges and juries.

The Focal Point provides experienced team members for every aspect of trial support:

  • Litigation Consultants — Our litigation consultants work with the attorneys on strategy and actively lead graphics development.
  • Graphic Designers — Design needs can become more intense once trial begins, as attorneys and witnesses suddenly discover they need material they had not planned on or as a judge’s orders mandate last-minute changes to graphics that took months to create. Our graphic designers have experience in all of these areas.
  • Trial Technicians — These presentation experts set up the courtroom and run the equipment during trial to make sure that the right image is on the screen at the right time. In the war room, they maintain the trial database, edit deposition video that will be played during court, and rehearse with lawyers and witnesses to ensure that your presentation is seamless.

“The Focal Point provided a top notch team, onsite in Toronto, that worked very hard and long hours.”

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Trial Support