Trial Presentation

Flawless delivery for peace of mind during trial.

Trial Presentation

The mission of IMS Consulting & Expert Services' trial presentation team is simple—as integrated members of your trial team, we ensure seamless presentation of your case. Our clients are able to focus on their critical role in the physical or video-conferenced courtroom at trial, arbitration, mock trial, or hearing as we handle all technical aspects of presentation.

Each courtroom technology specialist has a minimum of ten years of experience presenting evidence in trials, arbitrations, hearings, and focus groups in both physical and video-conferenced settings. You can feel confident the judge and jury will see exactly what you want them to see, precisely when you want them to see it.

Drawing on decades of experience across thousands of matters, we come prepared for every courtroom event and are never rattled by equipment failures, last-minute edits, or unexpected calls for exhibits. Our trial presentation services are designed to give you peace of mind on all presentation matters, so you can focus on representing your clients without distraction. We will ensure that the fact-finder is averted away from the mechanics of the presentation, and focused where it should be—on the presentation itself.

Working with IMS Consulting & Expert Services Technology Specialists

Our custom solutions include:

  • In-court presentation (hot seat)

  • Video deposition editing

  • Document database creation

  • Software training (TrialDirector, OnCue)

  • Courtroom setup assistance

  • On-site war room support

  • Hot seat assistance for video-conference hearings

  • TrialLinkTM—virtual trial/hearing support

“Our IMS trial technician was invaluable in tackling any technical challenge that we had even if not squarely within his area of responsibility.”

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Trial Presentation