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Online Research

During these unprecedented times, jury research continues to be a necessary component of case preparation. While the COVID-19 pandemic has limited our ability to safely conduct in-person focus groups and mock trials, remote jury research has proven to be a highly valuable method enabling us to test how jurors will perceive key issues, arguments, evidence, and witness testimony. While online research is not the same as in-person research; online research does provide invaluable insights to inform your trial strategy when the design is meticulous and the research uses engaging case presentations, skilled facilitation practices, and rigorous recruiting methods.

IMS Consulting & Expert Services applies its rigorous social science methods to develop a research design that is customized to your case and tailored to the online platform. We provide the same insightful analysis and important strategy recommendations you have come to expect from IMS | The Focal Point. Characteristics of our online research include:

  • Security — We use secure video conference technology to conduct online research safely and effectively. We screen mock jurors to ensure they will have a private, quiet space during research participation.
  • Private livestream—We use high quality, secure, private video feeds for observing the presentations and deliberation breakout groups, including a private chat feature.
  • Engagement — Engaging presentations are key to effective remote jury research. We work closely with you to ensure case presentations are clear and compelling and focus on the most salient aspects of your case.
  • Thoughtful logistics — In advance of the research, we host an orientation session for mock jurors so as to vet them, train them on the technology, resolve connectivity issues, and review our code of conduct. During the online research, dedicated tech support is always available.
  • Skilled facilitation — To ensure rich online discussion, we keep each deliberating group small – one consultant per six to eight respondents.

Working with IMS Consulting & Expert Services for online research

Online Focus Groups

These facilitated discussions with mock jurors test their reactions to case themes and key issues, their assessments of witnesses, and the effectiveness of arguments. By learning this information early in the discovery process, you will be better able to devise winning metaphors, analogies, themes, and strategies.

Online Mock Trials

By enabling argumentative attorney case presentations, either prerecorded or live, IMS | The Focal Point provides jurors with an online, simulated trial structure. In a group format, mock jurors deliberate specific verdict questions, enabling you to assess the types of arguments trial jurors will likely make and the conclusions they will likely reach. Deliberations are followed by a consultant-led discussion of key issues.

Community Attitude Surveys

Whether conducted through online surveys or telephone surveys, during these unprecedented times, community attitude research is an excellent way to learn community sentiments regarding your case. Online surveys offer you a cost-effective way to assess jurors’ reactions to the positions of parties, identify characteristics of favorable and unfavorable jurors, and uncover preexisting attitudes within your venue.

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Online Research