Jury Consulting

Jury Consulting

Jury Consulting

The goal is to understand how jurors will perceive key issues, evidence, and witness testimony. The Focal Point combines knowledge about communication processes with rigorous social science research methods to achieve this goal. Our experience and knowledge of communication theory, jury psychology, information processing, and group dynamics allows us to make substantive recommendations for your litigation strategy as we assist you in preparing and presenting persuasive case presentations.

The Focal Point’s Jury Consulting Services include:

Mental Mining®

One-day workshops performed early in your case; focused on developing themes and other persuasion strategies by identifying key evidence, witnesses, and issues in your case.

Focus Group Research

In-person or online research featuring facilitated discussions with mock jurors to test their reactions to case themes and key issues, the effectiveness of various arguments, the characteristics of favorable and unfavorable jurors, as well as their assessments of key witnesses. 

Mock Trial Research

Simulated trial structure with jury deliberations to assess the types of arguments and conclusions jurors are likely to make as they forge consensus on specific verdict questions.

Community Attitude Survey

Identify profiles of favorable and dangerous jurors through telephone surveys designed to identify general public impressions of the parties, assess general reactions to the positions of the parties, and uncover pre-existing atti­tudes within your likely venire.

Witness Preparation

Enhance the clarity and confidence of fact and expert witness testimony at trial and depositions with communication skills training and strategic recommendations.

Voir Dire Strategy

Assistance with the development of voir dire questions that will effectively identify dangerous jurors and provide an opportunity for them to express a bias that may support a challenge for cause.

Development of Juror Questionnaires

Artful development of supplemental juror questionnaires that appear neutral, but in fact identify the most dangerous jurors without exposing favorable jurors.

In-Court Analysis of Juror Questionnaires

In cases where only a few minutes are permitted to review juror questionnaires, a team-based approach to a quick review of essential information and identification of concerns and questions for voir dire.

Overnight Analysis of Juror Questionnaires

For cases in which the court provides an evening or weekend to review the questionnaires, a quick conversion of completed questionnaire information into a database that is used to generate face sheets summarizing essential information with an overall evaluation of each prospective juror.

Jury Selection

Assistance with jury selection, tracking juror comments during voir dire, and organizing information to make quick, data-driven recommendations about the use of peremptory challenges.

"The Focal Point helped simplify a very complex case into pieces that jurors could more easily consider and then accurately tracked juror reactions during trial so that our team could address weaknesses."

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