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Expertise by itself is not enough.

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The best expert witnesses are much more than a sum of their expertise; they are great teachers. Like all great teachers, they love their subjects, they convey that love with passion and personal integrity, and they know that teaching at trial is about engaging jurors and giving them the tools to confidently examine a complex issue in a way that is fair and makes sense.

Finding experts who are great teachers and then helping them to be their very best at trial is challenging. IMS | The Focal Point is the only group with three decades of successfully performing both tasks.

Through over 20,000 successful placements, IMS Consulting & Expert Services earned its reputation for delivering the best experts to the world’s most influential attorneys and law firms. Whether you need an expert for antitrust, securities, or intellectual property litigation, an ITC investigation, or a patent portfolio review, we know the subject matter authorities and networks across every industry and discipline.

Working with IMS Consulting & Expert Services to place expert witnesses

As pioneers of the industry, we have developed proprietary methods to find the best experts and deliver the best service to our clients. We find experts who advise, consult, and testify on complex matters in any industry and every discipline. We stay engaged and are available to clients from start to finish. Between attending to experts’ needs, we provide exclusive industry insights and context to keep our clients ahead of any challenges they may face.

  • Search — We are so confident in our ability to deliver that we do not charge for initiating an expert search. We begin every engagement with a detailed call to discuss your expert witness needs, including requirements concerning knowledge, experience, training, geography, temperament, and any others you may have. Through our proprietary research methods and extensive network, we scour the globe to find you the best talent—experts selected for the things they know, their ability to teach without lecturing, and their ability to be persuasive without becoming advocates.
  • Vet — Our team conducts a rigorous vetting process on candidates to ensure they meet all of your specifications. We review more than just their resumés, conducting a deep dive to consider other variables such as, personality, history, bias, and any other important details your matter may call for. We present you with fully vetted, conflict-free experts. then facilitate interviews so you may choose the best experts for your case.
  • Manage — When you work with us, there are no surprises. You will have budget certainty with no up-front fees or retainers. We provide ongoing services to manage the relationship between you and the experts throughout the entire engagement. Your dedicated Client Manager is always available to answer your questions. Our team handles the administrative and billing tasks, so the experts can focus on their work and you can focus on providing unparalleled counsel to your clients.
  • Prepare — For over 30 years, we have worked with experts and lawyers to make the complex understandable and persuasive, and even the best experts can become better presenters by working with our integrated team. Our Strategy Advisors can work with you and your experts to formulate the best strategy for structuring reports and trial testimony. Our Jury Consulting team can assist with witnesses’ preparation so they can communicate their opinions clearly. Our Graphic Designers can create graphics and animations, for the report and for trial, that will assist the witnesses in teaching and persuading fact finders. Our Trial Technicians can seamlessly incorporate basic educational tools and techniques into the experts’ trial testimony.


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