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Our reputation is invested in advancing yours. We save you time, eliminate surprises, and put the risk of finding the best expert on us.

We support the world's most influential attorneys and firms, and have earned a reputation for delivering the best-aligned experts across industries for any complex commercial litigation matter. Whether you need an expert for ITC, antitrust, securities litigation, patent litigation, or patent portfolio reviews, our team of professionals can help get you the conflict-free expert you need.


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We scour the globe leaving no stone unturned and perform a uniquely designed exhaustive search to find the best available talent.

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We check beyond what’s on paper. We dive deep, considering other variables such as disposition, litigation history, academic and industry experience, and anything else your case may call for.

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We work diligently to ensure a smooth project. Our process allows you to focus on your case, rather than on administrative concerns.


We are dedicated to providing rigorous research, strategic alignment, and managed support to position clients for success.


Why Choose Us

  • We’ll handle all the administrative aspects of your expert project such as contracting and invoicing, so you can focus on your work… and the expert can focus on their expertise

  • No financial surprises or hidden fees

  • Lasting and meaningful relationships with a team of professionals dedicated to you and the unique needs of your practice

  • No cost or obligation for clients to consider and interview well-aligned expert candidates

  • Trusted on even the most sensitive, complex, and high-stakes matters

  • Don’t restrict your options to a limited pool of experts

  • Select from the top qualified candidates, best-aligned to your specifications

  • More than 100,000 experts and industry leaders in our direct network, and the credibility, reach, and precision to connect you with the best-aligned expertise on the globe


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