Few things can command the attention and understanding of the decision maker better than well-made animation. It is a powerful tool, especially in cases where it is important to illustrate a process, passage of time, movement from one place to another, or to organize a large amount of material for quick access. The Focal Point’s designers are experts at creating both Flash and 3D animations to explain the complex details of your case.

Flash Animation

Adobe Flash is a powerful design tool for courtroom presentations. Flash can add movement to graphics, or embed images, documents, or video that can be launched with a click. This can make timelines, graphs, maps, and patent figures interactive and dynamic.

Flash is also a powerful tool for organizing information. A Flash presentation can contain hundreds of documents accessible through a simple, Web-style graphic interface, such as a map or timeline. This interface allows you to group and nest content in ways that makes sense. The end product—what The Focal Point calls Portal Technology—is even more powerful because Flash allows you to navigate through your evidence in a non-linear path, thereby maximizing your flexibility. Click here to view a tutorial.

3D Animation

When realism counts, there is no substitute for the full rendering capability of 3D animation. These animations can bring the decision maker virtually to the scene of an incident or recreate a technical process with seamless precision.

The jury paid close attention to the graphics, especially the animations, which were necessary to bring to life complicated integrated circuit technology.

Joseph GrecoJoseph Greco
Beck, Ross, Bismonte & Finley, LLP