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IMS Consulting & Expert Services is the nation’s leading provider of consulting and expert services for complex litigation. Ours is the only fully integrated team of consultants providing trial lawyers the five essential tools they need to consistently win: a well-developed persuasion strategy; expert witnesses who teach and, thereby, persuade; research to validate persuasion strategy; powerful visual advocacy; and seamlessly delivered courtroom technology.

Our success comes from 30 years of carefully observing how jurors, judges, and arbitrators decide which side wins and using what we’ve learned to develop a unique set of methodologies and persuasion theories refined in over 20,000 cases and well over 1,000 trials.

Working with IMS Consulting & Expert Services

We have developed four foundational principles, which we apply in every case:

  • First principle — To maximize the chance of winning, you must have five essential tools: A well-developed Persuasion Strategy based on a compelling story told in a deliberate and carefully chosen order that merges powerful themes with a clear factual theory; Expert Witnesses with the professional knowledge and integrity to teach jurors and, to do so in a way that convinces them why you should win and the other side should not; Jury Research, both qualitative and quantitative, to determine if your strategy works, your story persuades, which jurors are most favorable, and what tools your jurors need; Powerful Graphics that help lawyers think visually, which is how most jurors learn, and Seamless Delivery in court from technology specialists who provide faultless service based on what they’ve learned working on hundreds of trials.
  • Second principle — We were the first to develop the Theory of Core Values, a doctrine which demonstrates that jurors decide cases using a combination of eight core values (compassion, empathy, orderliness, fairness, science, common sense, social mores, and self-interest). Since first formally publishing this concept almost 20 years ago, we have incorporated it into everything we do. Our Advisors help construct strategies that satisfy a juror’s need to affirm one or more core values; our Trial Consultants produce graphics that appeal to these core values; and our Jury Consultants help identify and select jurors based on which core values underly your client’s case. This unique approach to analyzing and organizing any case has resulted in hundreds of winning verdicts.
  • Third principle — Mental Mining® is the most effective way to uncover what your case is really about and how you can increase your chances of winning. This is our unique process, which we developed and perfected over the past 30 years. Mental Mining focuses on uncovering and developing the “toe holds” jurors require to begin to understand and trust in your case. Through this process we identify and develop the key themes and strategies needed to enhance your opening statements, witness presentations, and closing arguments. The result is a coherent strategy action plan that helps your team craft a simple but powerful case story and, to the extent discovery is pending, helps your team focus resources on those issues most likely to ultimately matter in presenting the case.
  • Fourth principle — We are great long-term partners. Our partnerships with clients form early and continue often for decades, spanning multiple cases over what may end up being a client’s entire professional career. As partners, we complement each other, as true partners should. The lawyer brings a deep understanding of facts based on months, if not years, of hard discovery and detailed study. We bring a broader perspective. Since we have not had to get into the minutiae and since we are not invested in any theory or argument, we are free to assess clients and witnesses objectively. Because of our experience working on hundreds of other similar cases, we can tell you what has and hasn’t worked. The power of this partnership lies in our combined ability to find the powerful story that often lies somewhere between the forest and the trees.

“Having IMS | The Focal Point help with trial preparation is like getting into a German luxury car. It is art and function in one.”

David ComminsDavid Commins
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