Litigation Consulting Services


For 30 years, members of The Focal Point have worked with the nation’s top-tier law firms and Fortune 500 companies on some of the largest and most publicized legal disputes. We are constantly in trial and, with more than 5,000 cases under our belts, we have developed a unique perspective on how successful lawyers get what their clients desire most—a win.

We do this better than anyone else in these three ways:

Clarify We work with you to develop a trial strategy that focuses on what really matters to the decision maker.

Create — We design the most effective graphics and other persuasion tools to engage, educate and persuade.

Convince — We fight with you from the trenches, providing technical and strategic support in the courtroom and war room to help you win.

Whether you require a complete package of our services, or need assistance in a single area, the people at The Focal Point will be active members of the inner circle of your litigation team, helping you make and implement key decisions. We do not maintain any of the distance normally associated with outside consultants; instead, we readily jump into the fight with your team and stand by you throughout trial.

“Having The Focal Point help with trial preparation is like getting into a German luxury car. It is art and function in one.”

David ComminsDavid Commins
Commins & Knudsen P.C.