Design Thinking
Design Thinking

Radical collaboration to tackle challenges in litigation.

Stanford d.schoolWe understand that the nature of preparing for a present day trial can be a fractured, frenzied, and frustrating process. The daily grind of discovery and pre-trial activity rarely gives our clients the opportunity to step back and think creatively about the big picture issues of their case. As such, we teamed with the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (the to figure out how we could help our clients think holistically about their cases in order to identify, define, and solve the biggest challenges they face in persuading jurors at trial.

Over a period of six weeks, an interdisciplinary team from IMS | The Focal Point collaborated with PhD candidates from Stanford’s to develop new solutions to the unique challenges facing the modern trial attorney. Throughout the course of the project, our team learned and applied the’s design thinking process—a methodology for innovation that draws on the latest learning from a variety of creative and analytical disciplines including engineering, design, anthropology, psychology, and business.

Building on the insight gained through research interviews with attorneys, trial consultants, and leaders in outside creative fields, we have developed, prototyped, and tested a toolkit of creative exercises and problem-solving best practices to enable our clients to radically change the way they understand their case. These tools will empower our clients to effectively simplify, strengthen, and focus their case—allowing them to wade through the details of trial preparation while maintaining a clear, global perspective of their case.


“The Focal Point is pushing traditional boundaries to design truly engaging trial consulting services to keep their team and their clients at the front edge of a growing industry.”

Kathryn SegoviaKathryn Segovia, PhD
Lecturer/Executive Coach Stanford d.School

Design Thinking