Education programs to support your CLE needs.

CLEContinuing Legal Education

With over 30 years of experience working on thousands of cases and observing hundreds of actual and mock juries, The Focal Point has developed a series of highly practical education programs. Filled with real-world insights and actual examples, these programs can be tailored to your area of interest and customized to a specific audience.

The Focal Point presents Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs throughout the country to select organizations, law firms, and in-house counsel, and is certified to provide MCLE credit for these programs in the State of California.

We offer a wide range of CLE programs including:   

A Theory of Jury Selection: Five CharacteristicsPsychological and attitudinal characteristics that consistently provide the foundation for juror profiles: Juror Empathy, Psychological Locus of Control, Financial Instability, Authoritarianism, and Cognitive Ability and Motivation.

Understanding How Juries Work So Your Experts Can Help PersuadeExpert witnesses can be crucial in trials involving highly technical topics. Working with your expert to create trial graphics is crucial; without them, even the most attentive jury members may get confused and stop paying attention.

More Than Pretty PicturesIn order to consistently prevail, you need to begin to think visually and produce other persuasion tools that let your jurors see your point.

View From The Hot Seat – Effective Trial PresentationHow to win at trial. An analytical approach from the hot seat.

7 Core Values In A #MeToo Environment: Implications For Trial Strategy, Jury Selection, And Jury DeliberationsAs you advise your concerned clients, it is crucial to understand the #MeToo movement, its history, and the different perspectives - victim, perpetrator, corporation, and public relations. Learn how this movement has affected the 7 core values of jurors and how this changes your trial strategy, jury selection, and jury deliberations.