Persuasive Communication:
Third Edition

James Stiff and Paul Mongeau review the current state of persuasion research in the fields of communication and social psychology. This review examines the cognitive and emotional reactions that people have to persuasive appeals and describes the influence of source, message, and receiver characteristics on the creation of effective persuasive messages. The book includes a number of practical examples within each chapter to illustrate key concepts. 

Persuasive Communication

“Readers will find a thorough and balanced analysis of current trends in persuasion research, along with a clear presentation of the scientific lineage that led up to today's cutting-edge research programs.”

Prof. Richard K. SherwinProf. Chris Segrin, PhD
Department of Psychology, University of Arizona


James B. Stiff, Ph.D.

James B. Stiff, PhD, is the Jury Consultant Emeritus at IMS | The Focal Point. Dr. Stiff was the founder and principal of Trial Analysts, Inc. He received his PhD in Communication from Michigan State University in 1985, and was an award-winning professor at Michigan State University, Arizona State University, and the University of Kansas.

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