Powerful Deliberations:
Putting It All Together for the Jury

Chris Ritter distills the many lessons he has learned from working on hundreds of complex, high-profile, civil and criminal cases to help you win at trial. Bringing together legal strategy, psychology, and persuasion theory, Powerful Deliberations focuses on how jurors learn, think, and deliberate to turn them from neutral finders of fact into advocates for their client’s side.

Powerful Deliberations

“Every lawyer, indeed every litigator, should read these books.”

John KekerJohn Keker
Keker, Van Nest & Peters


G. Christopher Ritter

Chris Ritter is a Senior Strategy Advisor and Jury Consultant at IMS | The Focal Point and has nearly twenty years of experience working as a trial lawyer. An accomplished author, Chris has written three books, published by the American Bar Association.

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