Thought leadership from over 30 years of trial experience.

After supporting trial teams in more than 20,000 cases and 1,000 trials for over 30 years, we have learned a few things about trial strategy, persuading juries, and what it takes to win your case.

COVID-19 Research Insights

We have been investigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the commericial litigation community. This research includes surveys of nearly 500 respondents across four U.S. venues to asssess how jurors feel about about jury service and a variety of topics, themes, and litigation issues related to COVID-19. You can access additional insights and findings on our COVID-19 Client Resource Hub.


We have written the definitive guides to trial strategy, trial graphics, and trial support. Published by the ABA, our books provide insight into the jury deliberation process; how to develop a visual trial strategy that will turn jurors from neutral finders of facts into active advocates for your client’s side; and how to plan, run, and organize a successful trial war room.


We have something to say on everything, from understanding juries to designing effective trial graphics, from organizing databases to technology trends in the courtroom.

Design Thinking

In collaboration with the Stanford, we have developed a creative suite of tools to help our clients better understand their cases to effectively simplify, strengthen, and clarify their focus and approach to trial.

ABAPublished by the ABA

Book ImageCreating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics: Second Edition

By G. Christopher Ritter


Book Image
Powerful Deliberations: Putting It All Together for the Jury

By G. Christopher Ritter


The Trial War Room HandbookThe Trial War Room Handbook

By Amie Bailey,
G. Christopher Ritter,
Michael Skrzypek


Persuasive communication book

Persuasive Communication

By James B. Stiff,
Paul A. Mongeau