Kent H. Roberts, former General Counsel for McAfee, was accused by the United States Department of Justice of two counts of fraud and one count of falsifying books and accounts associated with a specific stock option grant made in 2000. The DOJ claimed that Mr. Roberts inappropriately asked an unauthorized party to change the date on a stock option grant that was "underwater" at the time of the offering, and that he was knowingly violating securities regulations at the time. The facts of the case showed that all proper company procedures were followed and that all actions on the part of Mr. Roberts were in line with company policy and the law.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point worked as a team with the Cooley attorneys as they headed into trial to develop compelling case themes and create a persuasive storyline, as well as during closing argument to create meaningful metaphors for complex concepts. These concepts included showing the meaning of the burden of proof required of the Prosecution, and the requirements of reasonable doubt required of the jury.


Kent Roberts was found not guilty on both counts of fraud, and the jury hung on the count of falsifying records. The Department of Justice dropped this charge shortly thereafter.


US District Court, Northern California
(San Francisco, CA)

The Focal Point’s Client

CooleyStephen Neal
Neal Stephens
Shannon Eagan