Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of the most expensive communities in the nation in which to live. With a median home price of over $400,000, it is nearly impossible for moderate income working folks to purchase a home, which has led to critical levels of economic segregation.

Homewise, a nonprofit organization founded in Santa Fe in 1986, provides free financial literacy education, privately developed green construction homes, and helps community members secure low-interest, fixed rate mortgages and loans for home purchase or home improvement. 

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point, providing pro bono services on behalf of Homewise, Inc., worked with Executive Director Mike Loftin, Director of Resource Development and Communications Cece Derringer, and key consultant Emilee Ford, to create a graphic presentation for the Homewise Business Campaign for Homeownership (a partnership between Homewise and government agencies, local businesses, and other nonprofits that work to help Santa Fe’s workforce live in the local community) that exposes the hidden opportunity for potential homebuyers in the current housing market.

This presentation was partnered with a report authored by Mr. Loftin and Ms. Ford titled Now is the Time: How the Housing Crisis Has Created an Unprecedented Opportunity for Working Families to Achieve Financial Security. The report details that 2012 is the best time in decades to purchase a home, particularly in the Santa Fe area. The combination of low prices, low interest rates, and falling principle and interest payments makes for a prime environment to foster homeownership.


In 2011, the Homewise Business Campaign for Homeownership helped individuals improve their credit score by an average of 59 points and participants in Homewise programs have decreased their debt by an average of $48 per month as well as increasing their average savings by $5,500. In 2011, Homewise has helped 74 employees of Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center (including 29 nurses) purchase homes, as well as assisting 162 employees of the Santa Fe Public Schools in becoming homeowners.


Santa Fe Business and Community Leaders

The Focal Point’s Client

HomewiseMike Loftin, Executive Director
Cece Derringer, Director of Resource Development and Communication