The Focal Point once again teamed up with longtime client Cooley LLP to assert a portfolio of patents concerning serialized PCI communications within blade servers. This case involved claims against some of the biggest names in the industry. During the engagement, nine out of the 10 defendants settled netting substantial benefits for our client. The one remaining defendant, IBM, vigorously fought the assertions in court claiming that Dr. Chu’s patents were invalid in light of numerous prior art references as well as not infringed by the accused IBM BladeCenter product.

IMS | The Focal Point’s Role

Over the course of nearly 24 months, IMS | The Focal Point brainstormed on themes and ways of effectively simplifying the case for the jury. IMS | The Focal Point also created graphics and supported presentations at Markman, Focus Groups, and eventually a jury trial in front of the Hon. Judge Davis in Tyler, Texas. The engagement started with The Focal Point creating a 35-minute DVD tutorial with voice over that was submitted to the court in advance of the Claims Construction hearing. The engagement ended with The Focal Point providing “war room” support and trial technology services throughout the trial.


Jury verdict of infringement of six claims at issue and upholding the validity of three patents in the suit plus a damages award for The Focal Point’s client.


United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas (Tyler, TX)

IMS | The Focal Points Client

James Brogan
Thomas Friel
Wayne Stacy