In this clash of industry rivals, Universal Electronics, Inc., asserted several of its patents on TV remote control programming against Defendant, Universal Remote Control. After reducing the Plaintiff’s case down to one independent claim in one patent during pre-trial, URC successfully defended itself against UEI’s infringement allegations and prevailed on noninfringement, invalidity and unenforceability.

The Focal Point’s Role

TFP worked with the Sidley Austin team of lawyers and experts to develop a series of animations that demonstrated how the patented programming method worked differently than URC’s product, but identically to the prior art. Graphics for noninfringement were also designed to convey the theme that any differences in an accused product are sufficient for a finding of noninfringement. For URC’s case-in-chief, timelines and other demonstratives were also created to tell the story of improper inventorship and UEI’s abuse of its IP rights by asserting and reasserting previously dropped patents against URC for almost fourteen years.


Complete defense verdict.


USDC—Central District of CA

The Focal Point’s Client

Sidley AustinPeter Kang
Sam Miller
Teague Donahey
Ted Chandler
Clarence Rowland
Cynthia Chi