Positive Technologies, and the sole inventor of a patent on LCD display technology, Robert Hotto, sued numerous makers of LCD screens claiming that its novel way of driving the liquid crystals was being infringed.

The Focal Point’s Role

Lead counsel Jim Brogan of Cooley used The Focal Point’s graphics and animations extensively during the Tutorial and Markman hearing in front of Judge Ward. Many of those same graphics were then prepared for use during opening statement and with key witnesses. The crux of the argument was to teach the patent’s novel way of sending electrical signals to individual rows and columns in an LCD display in order to achieve a clearer, sharper, and smoother picture on screen.


On the eve of trial, a settlement was agreed to by the last of the 21 companies sued. Although the case was never heard by a jury, The Focal Point team and the Cooley team were well-prepared for presenting their case clearly and powerfully.


US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas

The Focal Point’s Client

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