O2 Micro International Limited v. Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS)


O2 Micro accused MPS, The Focal Point’s client, of infringing their patent for a switching and feedback inverter used for laptop computers. The inverter converts low voltage, direct current (DC) electricity from the laptop battery, into high voltage, alternating current (AC) electricity to power the fluorescent lamp in the laptop’s LCD screen.

The Focal Point’s Role

Understanding the complex components of the inverter and distinguishing the differences between parts and similarities to Prior Art was the key to our case. The technology differences were on our side but making it clear to a lay jury was the task. The Focal Point designed a color-coded, icon-based, simplified layout for each circuit at issue. These circuits were then animated to: 1) clarify and explain the different components to the jury, and 2) show the differences in circuits when they were powered on. The color coding system and icons were repeatedly used in claim charts and schematic diagrams in order to highlight the relationships among the patent language, engineered elements, physical components, and simplified diagrams.


A full Defense verdict for MPS. The jury determined that MPS did not literally infringe the asserted patent claims, and, furthermore, that O2 Micro’s patent is invalid.


US District Court for the Northern District of California (Oakland, CA)

The Focal Point’s Clients

CooleyThomas Friel
James Brogan
Matthew Brigham

Latham & WatkinsMark Flagel
Dean Dunlavey