A 40-year-old mother of two accused Blue Shield of breach of contract and insurance bad faith related to her HMO coverage. The Plaintiff alleged that Blue Shield was responsible for denying services for necessary procedures that would have led to discovery of a brain tumor. Blue Shield proved to the jury that its policies, procedures, and oversight of the medical group and physicians caring for the Plaintiff were adequate and reasonable.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point played a key role in assisting the Manatt trial team with their communications strategy and graphics. The Focal Point produced a pivotal timeline that allowed the attorneys to walk the jury through the Plaintiff’s medical history and the analyses of her doctors and specialists. The Focal Point graphics helped the jury better understand the HMO process and how the Plaintiff’s medical insurance worked to keep medical decisions in the hands of medical practitioners.


The jury awarded the Plaintiff breach of contract damages totaling $65.00 for not receiving a discount for a referral to an optometrist. The jury found in favor of Blue Shield on the bad faith/punitive damage claims.


Superior Court of the State of California (Los Angeles, CA)

The Focal Point’s Client

ManattGregory Pimstone
Tamar Feder