In this action, the Plaintiff alleged Allstate breached its contract when it denied an Under-Insured-Motorist (UIM) claim filed by the Plaintiff. Their argument hinged on a conversation that occurred between Allstate and the Plaintiff more than 20 years prior to the lawsuit. Allegedly, Allstate misled the Plaintiff (Mr. Fanucci) into believing his umbrella policy provided excess UIM coverage despite its clear language to the contrary. Allstate sent declarations to him that included this language twice a year for 20 years.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point worked with counsel to create a series of graphics that focused on a number of themes in the case. Namely, the sheer amount of time that lapsed between the conversation with the Allstate agent and the lawsuit and by contrast, the volume of policy notifications Mr. Fanucci had received during that time. The Focal Point also developed tutorials that explained the various types of coverage and insurance concepts at issue (e.g., first party insurance, third party insurance, UM, and UIM coverage).


The jury came back after 25 minutes with a complete verdict for the Defense.


Superior Court of California
(San Francisco County)

The Focal Points Client

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Sonia Martin