In this hotly contested and well-publicized case, the Blair family accused Allstate of wrongdoing in processing their claim after a fire destroyed their San Francisco home.

IMS | The Focal Point’s Role

A focus group exercise, done two months before trial, yielded Plaintiff verdicts in the tens of millions of dollars. The Focal Point worked closely with the Sonnenschein trial team and Joel ben Izzy, a storytelling consultant, to develop and refine new case themes that focused the evidence on Allstate’s commitment to its obligation (paying the homeowner’s policy). Graphics were developed for opening statements and—using trial evidence—for closing arguments.


After nearly eight weeks of trial, the 12-member jury found no wrongdoing by Allstate in processing the Blair family’s claim.


Superior Court of California (San Francisco County)

IMS | The Focal Point’s Client

Ivor Samson
Michael Barnes