Mr. Kelleher pursued legal action against his employer to recover commissions, bonuses and stock options he was contractually owed. Based on the terms of the contract, the dispute was heard by a FINRA arbiter in San Francisco. At issue were the exact terms of the contract and the amounts of each form of compensation that Wedbush owed to Mr. Kelleher.

IMS | The Focal Point’s Role

IMS | The Focal Point consulted with the trial team on the most persuasive way to present the case to the arbiters. This included designing graphics to make sense of the ambiguous contract language, to clearly outline the results of the complex damages calculations, and to arm the attorneys with material to prove that Wedbush consistently offered false assurances of payment. The final presentation laid out a straightforward, organized case that made the decisions and damages calculations clear for the FINRA representative.


The FINRA arbiter awarded Mr. Kelleher $3.5 million in back-owed compensation, and 4,125 stock options.


FINRA arbitration

IMS | The Focal Point’s Client

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