Shortly after her 40th birthday, Plaintiff Gail French, who was terminated for her steady decline in job performance, filed an age discrimination suit against her former employer California Casualty, alleging, among other things, a company-wide policy of singling out and firing older, more tenured employees in an attempt to avoid paying out employee benefits.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point worked closely with lead counsel at Robinson & Wood, Inc. to create graphics that showed a complete lack of evidence to support French’s accusation. The Focal Point converted several key statistical documents that were heavy on numbers into visuals using icons that had very few numbers and were, therefore, easier for the jury to follow. Additional visuals were created to illustrate the extensive measures taken by the former employer to mitigate her professional woes. The development of these central themes resulted in a series of persuasive graphics that clearly resonated with the jury.


It took only an hour and a half for the jury to arrive at a verdict in favor of the Defendant, California Casualty Management Group.


Superior Court of California (Contra Costa County)

The Focal Point’s Client

Robinson & WoodArchie Robinson
John Winchester