Raymond Marshall was accused of misappropriation of $3.1 million from a group of 11 investors in a series of complex real estate investments through his company, LandCo Equity Partners. The District Attorney’s office of El Paso County brought 16 charges of theft, conspiracy, and securities fraud against Mr. Marshall in a high-profile white-collar criminal case in Colorado Springs.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point created a series of graphics to address each of the seven complicated real estate deals around which the case was built. Working closely with partners Pamela Mackey and Jeff Pagliuca, the Focal Point designed flow charts to walk jurors through each transaction step-by-step. Using information design principles, the charts presented the complex evidence in a clear and concise manner. This display of information was essential for convincing the jurors of the legitimacy of each transaction in the intricate investments.



Fourth Judicial District of Colorado, El Paso County

The Focal Point’s Client

Haddon Morgan FreemanPamela Mackey
Jeff Pagliuca