The critical issue in this case centered on how and why a “false work” structure at a Fresno construction site collapsed and killed a worker at the scene.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point’s objective was to counter Plaintiff’s allegations of product failure on the part of the hydraulic jack (manufactured by our client) that was used in adjusting the height of the “false work” structure. In order to achieve this, The Focal Point created four discrete animation segments to be used as teaching tools during expert testimony. The first segment was designed to educate the jury on the fundamentals of false work: basic components, the purpose they serve, etc. In the second segment, The Focal Point illustrated some common preventative safety measures that were not employed at this particular site. The third and fourth segments identified all of the warning signs and improper techniques used in the adjustment process, and finally, how these “hot spots” created the forces and stresses that eventually led to the collapse of the entire structure.


The case settled very favorably for our client.


Superior Court of California (Fresno, CA)

The Focal Point’s Client

Jeffer Mangels Butler & Marmaro LLP

Wells Blaxter