The case focused on a bundle of loans made by Capital Alliance in the midst of the housing boom, in which Capital Alliance loaned large sums of money for real estate purchases that the borrowers were, in the end, unable to repay. Because most loans had little or no verifiable documentation, Gateway was unable to collect on the debt owed to them as part of their loan agreement with Capital Alliance, and were forced to counter-sue Capital Alliance to recover their investment.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point worked with the legal team to develop themes and demonstratives for the case, focusing on the fact that a breach in one area of the contract invalidated the entire agreement, as well as the insufficient documentation behind the loans in question. In addition, The Focal Point provided presentation services in the courtroom from Opening Statement to Closing Argument.


Our client received a verdict for the defense on all counts. Prior to the damages phase, the case settled in our client’s favor moments before the opening statement.


Alameda County Superior Court
Hon. Wynne Carvill

The Focal Point’s Client

Buchalter NemerPeter Bertrand

Gateway Bank