In late 2009, Zynga sued rival game startup Playdom for, among other things, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of contract, breach of the duty of loyalty, tortious interference with contracts, tortious interference with existing and prospective economic advantage and unfair competition. The Defendants included four ex-Zynga, then Playdom employees as well.

IMS | The Focal Point’s Role

Over the course of numerous judicial hearings, IMS | The Focal Point worked onsite with the Paul Hastings’ legal team to refine and hone the presentations for the court. IMS | The Focal Point created graphics to help teach the basics of online gaming, the value of Zynga’s trade secrets, and the extent of the trade secret theft. The Focal Point’s Trial Presentation department also provided valuable support to the lead attorney, as many of the hearings were unscripted and “on the fly.” IMS | The Focal Point’s strategy sessions with the legal team helped everyone to identify the best ways to make a persuasive presentation to the presiding Judge.


Our client successfully won an injunction against the Defendant’s product and secured a finding of contempt against one of the named individual Defendants. The matter settled shortly afterwards in our client’s favor.


Superior Court of California (San Jose, CA)

IMS | The Focal Point’s Clients

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