The State of Colorado hired our client, Accenture, to head up a state-of-the-art programming effort to consolidate the state’s benefits and tax computer systems. Accenture hired Unisys as a subcontractor to focus on the tax portion of the project. The jury needed to understand that two separate contracts existed in this project. The primary contract was between the State of Colorado and Accenture. The subcontract was a separate contract between Accenture and Unisys. It was critical that the jury understand the responsibilities inherent within these contracts. Accenture was accountable to the State for all work performed by Accenture and Unisys. No contractual relationship existed between the State of Colorado and Unisys.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point worked with lead counsel Neil O’Donnell of Rogers Joseph O’Donnell to develop themes and graphics to help explain the contractual relationships and responsibilities involved in a complex government software consulting project. In his opening statement, our client used a flipchart to work alongside graphics displayed on a screen to help explain the contractual relationships of the project.


The case settled a few days after our client’s opening statement.


District Court, County of Denver, Colorado

The Focal Point’s Client

Rogers Joseph O'DonnellNeil O’Donnell
Paul Zieff
Mark Kahn
Thomas Blanford