Mannatech, Inc. produces a dietary supplement called Ambrotose that is produced from a combination of saccharides (sugars) found in aloe. Ambrotose increases the strength of the immune and glandular systems as well as organ function. Dr. Bill McAnalley invented and patented the saccharide combination. The Defendant and founder of Glycobiotics, Mr. Moulton, essentially stole Mannatech’s invention by looking up information about the product and its patent online and then producing a knock-off version in his home. He was selling the infringing product, Glycomannan, on the web, listing the exact same ingredients as in our client’s patents.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point worked with the attorneys from Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox to develop graphics for opening statements and closing arguments. We produced a series of graphics that illustrated the case’s key theme—that Mr. Moulton had stolen and was profiting from the hard work of Dr. McAnalley and his team at Mannatech. In addition, The Focal Point created a number of patent teaching graphics to aid the jury in understanding the content of the patents in the suit.


After deliberating for a mere four hours, the jury found that Glycobiotics willfully infringed one of the two patents, infringed the trademark, and ultimately awarded Mannatech $150,000 in damages.


US District Court, Northern District of Texas
(Dallas, TX)

The Focal Point’s Client

Lynn TillotsonEric Pinker
Britta Stanton
Mark Turk
Renee Strickland