Our values are fundamental to our success.

Community Service

An important part of IMS | The Focal Point’s culture is our commitment to community service. We set aside time each quarter for members of our team to volunteer within the community, donating hours to important local causes. We have grown strong ties to a number of local organizations. We are proud of the work they do, and honored to be able to help. We encourage you to look back on some of the service projects that members of our team have supported.

Oakland Unified School District

Rebuilding libraries: A significant number of schools in Oakland are without a student library. IMS | The Focal Point provides support to help establish much-needed libraries in these schools.

Lincoln Child Center

Providing support: IMS | The Focal Point provides both time and goods to the Lincoln Child Center which offers services to vulnerable and emotionally troubled children and their families.

Other Projects

In addition to the working with Oakland schools, IMS | The Focal Point also looks for other volunteer opportunities. If you know of any organizations needing help, we are open to find out how we can help.


IMS | The Focal Point is committed to making a positive impact in our community. Two ways we do is with our pro bono work and our employee-elected donations program. It is our philosophy that we are not only a part of the legal community, but also a member of our local communities. Each year we donate our services and money to a variety of local projects motivated by our collective values and chosen by IMS | The Focal Point employees.


A shortlist of our donation recipients: American Red Cross, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, SF SPCA, National Multiple Sclerosis Society Oakland Police Activities League, United Negro College Fund, Wounded Warrior Project, and ACLU Foundation.
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Pro Bono

In addition to charitable giving, IMS | The Focal Point also donates hundreds of hours each year to support worthwhile projects and legal matters. Please visit our Pro Bono page to learn more.


The culture of IMS | The Focal Point is not just defined by our external work product and generosity, but also by the internal practices and philosophy we promote. IMS | The Focal Point is committed to being a healthy and positive work environment. We strive to create a productive, dynamic, and rewarding workplace, and we challenge our employees to participate in achieving this. We are dedicated to building and preserving a culture based on passion, precision, and partnership.

Sustainable Business

IMS|The Focal Point is proud to be a sustainable business. Our sustainability efforts include: composting and recycling program, using reusable supplies and green products, and water conservation, among other things.