Tracy2Trial Consulting Expert


Tracy brings to IMS | The Focal Point more than 18 years of experience designing, animating, and producing trial graphics and other persuasive presentations for the courtroom. He functions as a trial consultant, graphic designer, and a master trial presenter. He has presented cases in federal courts across the nation, as well as in state courts, bankruptcy courts, and before the International Trade Commission and the Patent and Trademark Office. He has a wide range of experience in all types of litigation, including patent, trade secret, business, oil and gas, and commercial disputes. 

A graduate of the University of North Texas with a BFA in Communication Arts and Engineering Graphics (Descriptive Geometry), Tracy has a solid foundation in communication, design, and technical illustration.

Prior to becoming a trial consultant in 1999, Tracy ran a direct marketing and web design firm. Although advertising campaigns sell products, and litigation campaigns sell ideas, points of view, and emotions, Tracy says that both industries are fundamentally about persuasion. For him, good communication design in the courtroom is about more than just projecting bullet points on a screen, it is about creating a display that is visually pleasing and inspires intellectual, logical, and emotional responses. Good designers are effective persuaders… and Tracy is one of the best.  

When not in trial, Tracy is off sailing on some distant horizon or camping with his steadfast companion, his dog Cheyenne.

“God is in the details.”
—Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Significant Cases

ContentGuard v. Google
Boulle v. DeBoulle
Finisar v. DirecTV
Blackboard v. Desire2Learn
Fortuna v. CNOOC
Coke v. Pepsi
Fractus v. Samsung
Enzo v. Applera
CEATS v. Continental Airlines, et al.
Personalized Media Communications v. Zynga
LendingTree v. Zillow and Adchemy
Uniloc v. Activision
CEATS v. Orbitz et al
SimpleAir v. Microsoft, et al.
Red Hat v. Bedrock Technologies
Forgent v. EchoStar, DirecTV
The MathWorks v. COMSOL