Morgan2Research Coordinator

New York

As Jury Research Coordinator, Morgan plays a key role in ensuring focus group and mock trial research yields accurate and detailed results. It is this research information that enables attorney clients to refine case strategy and, ultimately, to wage a successful trial.

In particular, Morgan performs venue analyses, helps recruit jurors that meet venue demographics, arranges facility research space, schedules daily research programs, and painstakingly develops the surveys that are designed to elicit meaningful information from mock jurors. Her diligent work in the area of jury consulting is one reason clients return to IMS | The Focal Point again and again.

Morgan is as adept at generating client relationships as she is at maintaining them. She therefore has been charged with performing the additional role of Client Services Coordinator for The Focal Point in which she is responsible for marketing and business development.

When you marry logical, detail-oriented thinking with intuition and innovation, remarkable achievements result. Thus, IMS | The Focal Point makes it a habit to hire creative thinkers. Morgan certainly is no exception. In addition to her business education, she is a classically-trained violinist who attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. She is also a woodcrafter and welder who creates furniture and furnishings in her personal workshop.

"Excellence has no sex."
—Eva Hesse