Carolyn Spencer-Mork

Carolyn Spencer-Mork

Carolyn fun photoSenior Jury Consultant


A jury consultant for well over a decade, Carolyn has consulted on over 250 cases throughout the country. As a socio-cultural anthropologist, she understands methods of communication, jury psychology, and group dynamics. She offers expertise in the areas of mock trial and focus group jury research, theme development, trial strategy, witness preparation, and voir dire and jury selection methodology.

Carolyn is particularly skilled at designing jury research that helps clients gain strategic advantages early in the discovery process. Whether research involves testing potential witnesses in order to craft an effective company story, persuasively contextualizing damaging emails in advance of depositions, or developing an effective case theory to guide discovery, Carolyn helps her clients leverage early insights.

Witnesses often feel anxious about their performances on the stand. Carolyn helps them work through apprehensions so they can confidently testify. Drawing on her training in sociolinguistics and communication theory, Carolyn fine-tunes and strengthens their testimony so delivery is credible and, what’s more, compelling.

Carolyn graduated summa cum laude from New York University with a BA in both anthropology and Russian language & literature. She completed her graduate training as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Chicago, from which she earned an MA in cultural anthropology. As a Fulbright Scholar, Carolyn conducted doctoral research in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is fluent in Russian.

Carolyn has offered her jury consulting skills outside of IMS | The Focal Point, leading pro bono workshops on effective voir dire and jury selection for public defenders. 

As a fourth-generation Bay Area native, Carolyn enjoys sharing Northern California’s beautiful scenery with her family. On the weekends she can be found hiking with her two energetic boys or working in their vegetable and cutting garden. In the summer, her family travels to the coast of Maine for hiking, sailing, beaching, and berry picking.

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