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As a former trial attorney, Britta pays rigorous attention to details and reviews case issues with laser-like focus. These tactics ensure that cohesive strategies and thematic presentations emerge from mock trials, Mental Mining™ sessions, and trial planning efforts. She creates persuasive graphic representations of the facts and laws relevant to each unique case. Her keen eye for logical consistent graphics ensures that client presentations will not only be persuasive, but defensible in the face of objections. Because she understands that trial preparation can make clients feel overwhelmed, she takes great care to ensure that the process is efficient, seamless, and stress-free.

Britta has always been fascinated by the ways people are persuaded, develop beliefs, and make decisions. Thus, at the University of Texas, she chose to study advertising. She enjoyed learning how consumers are persuaded and make buying choices. She went on to Baylor Law School where she learned to persuade judges and juries as a trial lawyer. Focused on trial advocacy, she worked at Beck Redden in Houston before moving to Dallas in 2003, where she became a partner at Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst. She then resigned her partnership at the firm and joined The Focal Point to devote herself to the art of trial strategy through developing winning trial strategies, persuasive theories, and graphics for the courtroom.

Britta has been recognized by her peers more than six times for her excellence in trial advocacy. She has produced articles for the Dallas Bar Association, Dallas Business Journal, Channel 11 News, and KLIF radio. In her spare time, Britta enjoys spending time with her four children. Together, they craft, organize, go on field trips, decorate the house, swim, and create music. When not with her children, you can find Britta hidden away reading or on her Pilates machine.

"People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others."
—Blaise Pascal (from writings in Pensées)

Publications /
Speaking Engagements

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