Arely funDirector of Jury Consulting and Strategy


As director of jury consulting and strategy, Arely develops and executes the vision and growth plan for The Focal Point’s jury consulting and strategy departments. She ensures that the proper systems are put in place to enable these departments to optimally perform mock jury research, data analysis, and witness preparation, and to enable them to provide accurate and effective strategy recommendations to clients and assistance with voir dire and jury selection. Due to the breadth of the services she oversees, Arely works closely with other departments, including graphics and client services, to improve overall efficiencies. She is also actively engaged in business development and creation of new market initiatives.

Arely is experienced in the field of business operations. Prior to joining The Focal Point, she served as practice manager for the ligation department at the law firm Baker Botts. In that role, she developed operational protocols for the litigation department, helped to execute partner business plans, and provided consistent financial reviews of key metrics. She also worked in collaboration with the firm’s business development, marketing, and financial services departments to further establish the foundation of the law firm’s economics.

Arely received her bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Texas at El Paso. She went on to attain a master of science in legal administration from the University of Denver.

Arely’s role at The Focal Point requires high energy, and Arely’s activities outside of the office serve to enhance her stamina. She stays in top physical shape through running, spinning, and yoga, and she is presently gearing up to run in her fourth half-marathon. She also spends her time cooking healthy recipes. As well, Arely enjoys traveling. In fact, she and her husband are planning to visit Greece in the near future.

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