Looking at the facts from a broad perspective.

Process UnderstandWhen the great tenor saxophonist John Coltrane played with pianist Thelonius Monk in the mid-1950s, he is said to have learned a valuable lesson: to play a single note, while always thinking ahead in “sheets of sound.”

For a trial attorney, a single note can be equated with the facts; the “sheets of sound” represent the overview of the larger issues and themes. We understand that it's easy to get buried in the details. So we help you look at the underlying facts from the perspective of the overall case—to clarify what holds these facts together. Then we give each and every detail in the case the proper context for understanding and consideration.

Connecting with your jury

Based on our extensive case experience and hundreds of mock trials and focus groups, we know how to go beyond the facts and listen for the “sheets of sound”—the connections that will resonate with a jury. This broader perspective ultimately leads to a stronger, more clearly focused, and more persuasive presentation.

“I really appreciate The Focal Point’s ability to understand the legal issues and then develop unique and persuasive pictures to express core themes.”

Neal StephensNeal Stephens
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