Zeroing in on the essential.

SimplifyThe key to successful jury persuasion is to make your case clear, simple, and honest. We help you distill your case down to its essence, stripping away any excess and focusing only on the critical facts.

Eliminating the extraneous

To accomplish this, we may ask you to describe your case, or an important aspect of it, on a single sheet of paper. Why a single sheet? Because it has boundaries—not everything will fit. In fact, not everything should fit. You have to determine what is important and what can be eliminated: what is essential and convincing, and what is extraneous and confusing.

This process can inspire a creative approach that results in a more precise and powerful argument regardless of whether graphics are actually created and used.

“The Focal Point has repeatedly proven insightful in helping sharpen case themes and identifying how best to convey those themes through graphics in highly-technical IP cases.”

Ashok RamaniAshok Ramani
Keker & Van Nest