Focusing on the best medium for the message.

PresentAt The Focal Point, we firmly believe that the media should never drive the message. So before we recommend the technology to use in the courtroom, we first consider the nature of the case. Then, based on the subject matter and your personality, we develop just the right presentation tools and technology mix that will optimize both the delivery of both your message and how the jury receives the information.

Maximizing your opportunity to persuade

From the simple spontaneity of sketching on a flip chart to the professionalism of printed boards to the full capabilities of the latest animation and Flash technologies, we will create a presentation that effectively conveys your argument and maximizes juror interest.

We can also help you take advantage of archival and display tools that keep animations, videos, and potentially thousands of exhibits immediately on hand during trial, making the display technology itself part of the persuasion process.

“The Focal Point offered many constructive ideas on how to better represent and project the various case points for consideration by the jury and judge.”

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