Designing an understandable case structure.

DesignThe fundamental principles of information architecture are the same whether you're helping someone make an online purchase, finding a boarding gate at an airport, or following a line of reasoning. The goal is to help someone reach a desired destination.

We all know the frustration of navigating a badly designed airport, lugging a heavy bag, uncertain where we’re going or how long it will take. This is often how a jury feels—herded along without explanation as to where they are going or even why they are being taken in a particular direction.

Helping the jury visualize and understand

Using the principles of information architecture, we build the themes and facts of your case into a clean, coherent structure. This eliminates confusion and intellectual and emotional fatigue, and helps the jury understand the storyline as you walk them through the arguments. It also helps the jury think analytically and provides a coherent, memorable structure they can visualize and re-create during deliberations.

“You get more than just graphics support with The Focal Point; you get sound judgment, creativity, storytelling ability, and valuable feedback. In every argument and at every turn, our presentation was superior because of The Focal Point's contributions.”

Jeff ChaninJeff Chanin
Keker & Van Nest