A proven process. A distinct methodology.

5 Step Process

Our process—the very heart of what we do—is designed to help you uncover crucial insights and develop a visual trial strategy that will powerfully support and win your argument.

From the beginning, we work with you to streamline and fortify your overall argument. We clarify the complex. Identify the most memorable elements. Test and refine your case story and themes with prospective jurors. And create a visual trial strategy that’s focused, engaging, and persuasive.

Through five interconnected steps we will:

  Understand—Obtain a true and complete comprehension of the facts.

  Uncover—Uncover metaphors, analogies, and themes through juror research.

  Simplify—Distill your case down to its essence.

  Design—Build the themes and facts into a coherent structure, with supporting graphics.

  Present—Develop the right courtroom presentation tools and technology mix for your case.

Helping you see the trees AND the forest

Your Focal Point team leads you through a clearly defined process of thematic discovery, design insight, and ever-increasing solidity in argumentation. We help you step back to see not only what's in front of you and around you, but also the hidden elements that can affect your case.

“Their process forces you to focus as a lawyer...on the case. They have an innate common sense and ability to see the case through the eyes of a juror."

Ned IsokawaNed Isokawa
Paul Hastings