A proven process. A distinct methodology.

The power of experience and insight to drive your case.

5 Step Process

Our processes—the very heart of what we do—are designed to lead you through a clearly defined process of thematic discovery, design insight, and ever-increasing persausiveness. We help you step back to see not only what's in front of you and around you, but also to discover the hidden elements that can affect your case.

These unique processes, methodologies, and persuasion theories come from 30 years of carefully observing how jurors, judges, and arbitrators decide which side wins and have been refined through application in over 20,000 cases and well over 1,000 trials.

The IMS jury consulting process relies on a combination of rigorous social science methods, decades of practical experience, communication theory, jury psychology, information processing theory, group dynamics, and our Theory of Core Values that motivate jurors’ decision-making.

Our innovative and sophisticated design theories and processes are built on the understanding of how cases are won and how decision-makers learn visually. They include:

  • The Five-Step Method for Visual Thinking
  • The Nesting-Doll Theory of Expert Testimony
  • The Theory of Toe-Hold Learning
  • Information Architecture in Trial Graphics
  • The Taxonomy of 12 Key Graphics

“Their process forces you to focus as a lawyer...on the case. They have an innate common sense and ability to see the case through the eyes of a juror."

Ned IsokawaNed Isokawa
Paul Hastings