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Powerful Deliberations: Putting It All Together for the Jury Named ABA Best Seller in First Month on Shelves

Oakland, Calif. (Oct. 15, 2009)—Powerful Deliberations: Putting It All Together for the Jury, authored by G. Christopher Ritter and published by the American Bar Association, is now available ( Named to the ABA Best Sellers list only one month after its release, Powerful Deliberations offers a fresh approach to trial preparation and detailed techniques to help litigators win with juries, as well as distilling the many lessons Ritter has learned from his work on hundreds of complex, high-profile civil and criminal cases.

“Once again, Chris Ritter has written a book that every trial lawyer—indeed, every litigator—should read. If you want to build stronger, more persuasive cases by turning jurors from neutral finders of fact into effective advocates for you and your client, you owe it to yourself to read what Ritter has to say…or you can ignore this book and leave your case's outcome to chance,” said John Keker of Keker & Van Nest LLP.

In his engaging, personal style, Ritter brings together legal strategy, psychology and persuasion theory in Powerful Deliberations: Putting It All Together for the Jury to focus on how jurors learn, think and deliberate.

“Like other longtime trial lawyers, I've come to know what works—and what doesn't—with juries, but I never really knew why. Chris Ritter's book not only clearly explains the ‘why,’ it provides deep insight and teaches important lessons about the lawyer-juror relationship. Ritter's gift as a teacher is making complex ideas easy to understand and to remember. After reading Powerful Deliberations, I'll look at every jury with greater understanding of what's working and why,” said Cristina Arguedas of Arguedas, Cassman & Headley, LLP.

An accomplished author, Ritter's previous release is the ABA best seller Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics, lauded as the definitive guide in the field. He also collaborated with The Focal Point's Founder Andy Spingler on Packaging and Presenting Your Case to Win, published by the California Continuing Education of the Bar.

“Chris Ritter has done it again. Like his first book, Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics, Powerful Deliberations has quickly hit our Best Sellers list, and we expect that the sales will continue to snowball as Chris speaks on the book's many enlightening concepts to audiences around the country,” said Richard G. Paszkiet, Deputy Director, ABA Book Publishing.

Ritter is a member of The Focal Point and works with trial attorneys throughout the country, developing trial strategies and using trial graphics to simplify complex subjects for jurors. A past partner and trial lawyer at a major San Francisco law firm and former faculty member at University of California Hastings College of the Law, Ritter is an active member of the State Bar of California and has taught for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.

Ritter has been a featured presenter at programs including those sponsored by the State Bar of California, Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, Texas State Bar, National Association of Criminal Defense Counsel, California Continuing Education of the Bar, American Bar Association and Law Seminars International. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School.

For additional information or to purchase a copy of Powerful Deliberations: Putting It All Together for the Jury, visit Ritter is also available for CLE presentations and other educational sessions based on his latest book.

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