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Legal Strategy and Graphics Firm Teams With The Brady Center in National Campaign to Defeat Gun Immunity Bill

Washington, D.C. (April 7, 2005)—The Focal Point LLC, the country’s preeminent legal strategy and graphics firm, has joined forces with The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the nation’s leading gun violence prevention organization, in efforts to defeat current gun industry legislation. Together, The Brady Campaign and The Focal Point are urging lawmakers to reject legislation (S. 397, H.R. 800) that would make it easier for criminals and killers to arm themselves. As strategic and graphic consultants, The Focal Point is working on a pro bono basis to contribute innovative graphics and provide strategic support to help convey the life-threatening implications of this bill.

The Focal Point and The Brady Campaign are asking elected officials to “err on the side of life” by voting against bills that would give broad and unprecedented special legal protection to gun sellers. The legislation, backed by the National Rifle Association, could be the subject of floor votes at any time. “We’re very happy to be supporting The Brady Center in this campaign,” said G. Christopher Ritter, a partner at The Focal Point. “Gun industry legislation is at a pivotal point, and we believe that our expertise can really make a difference.” “We are absolutely thrilled with the help we’re getting from an enormously talented group of people at The Focal Point,” said Michael D. Barnes, President of the Brady Center. “We’re fighting very, very hard on Capitol Hill against a very determined opponent, and The Focal Point creative team is helping us to make our arguments as sharp and compelling as they can be.”

In addition to its work to defeat current legislation, The Focal Point will work hand in hand with The Brady Center’s Legal Action Project throughout 2005, providing trial strategy and graphics for lawsuits across the United States, to see that the gun industry is held accountable for its dangerous or irresponsible practices.

This is just the latest of more than ten years of work by members of The Focal Point to assist the Brady Center. These efforts began in 1993, after a gunman killed eight at 101 California Street law offices in San Francisco. Ritter, an attorney, knew and practiced with many of the victims of that tragedy.

The Focal Point is based in Oakland, California, with an office in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Founded over 15 years ago, the company has worked with some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms, and it has contributed to numerous high-profile trials, including: working with the defense team in Colorado v. Kobe Bryant, working with the prosecution team in California v. Scott Peterson, a conviction in the 2001 fatal dog mauling case in San Francisco, a $440 million settlement payment by Microsoft following a Markman Hearing, and several of the country’s largest verdicts in complex civil rights cases.

G. Christopher Ritter is the author of Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics, published by The American Bar Association.