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Nation’s Leading Expert Services Firm Joins with Respected End-to-End Litigation Consultancy

IMS Will Bring Deeper Services and Exclusive Offerings to AmLaw 250 Clients 

Pensacola, FL | IMS, the award-winning expert services firm, announced today that it has partnered with the respected end-to-end litigation consultancy The Focal Point (TFP), headquartered in Oakland, California. The combination will allow clients deeper access to a broader range of services — including jury consulting, graphics, trial consulting, animation, and trial presentation — to support litigators as they design and execute their strategies throughout the life of their cases.

Both firms share consistent values related to rigor and exceptional client service and have earned strong customer loyalty for nearly three decades. The alliance will leverage proprietary technology and processes to deliver high-touch, people-driven service to attorneys. Litigators now have an option in the marketplace that combines a custom expert witness search with traditional litigation and trial-consulting services in one distinct provider.

“We share a unique level of care and dedication for our teams, our communities, and for our clients,” noted TFP Partner Scott Hilton. When identifying what sets these two firms apart from litigation service providers in the market, Hilton observed that both firms “share a unique ability to execute with urgency and diligence to deliver the context that has earned each of our firms the full confidence of our clients.” 

IMS and TFP serve an exclusive set of attorneys practicing complex commercial litigation in major markets including New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Washington, DC, and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Noting that TFP and IMS have earned client loyalty over nearly three decades of service, TFP Partner Chris Ritter remarked, “We are trusted as valuable team members by some of the sharpest attorneys in all types of complex trials throughout the country. For thirty years, we’ve earned a reputation for providing clients the right tools and information, the clearest views, and the best context they need to build and shape their strategy.” Ritter, who has authored several publications through the American Bar Association, continued, “This partnership will strengthen that foundation of service our clients expect and need.”

“It’s exciting to bring the legacies of these two trusted firms together for the benefit of our clients,” noted IMS CEO Bill Wein. “The same depth of care, diligence, and service we have always delivered for our clients will be available across some of the most critical services they need during litigation, including jury consulting and trial graphics.”

James Crane, IMS Chief Revenue Officer, noted that “By coming together, we’re providing our clients a level of service, intelligence, and commitment that is unparalleled in the industry — and that makes me very excited for our clients.”

About IMS

IMS ExpertServices is a consultative expert services firm for the most influential global firms, dedicated to offering rigorous research, strategic expert alignment, and ongoing services to position clients for success. The company earned nine consecutive rankings on the Inc. 5000list, and was recently recognized by Florida Trendin its 2018 “Best Companies to Work For” awards, by The National Law Journalin five categories of its “Best of 2019” awards, and by The National Law Reviewas “2018 Go-To Thought Leader” for its commentary and publications related to intellectual property litigation. 

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About The Focal Point

Established 30 years ago, The Focal Point is the premier provider of litigation consulting and visual strategies to the legal community nationwide. It utilizes perpetual innovation, strategic thinking, and cutting-edge technology to create a courtroom environment in which arguments are focused and communication is enhanced. The Focal Point develops winning presentations designed for maximum impact on the decision makers in a court case. Its offices are located in Dallas, New York, and Oakland.

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