TFP Signature Blended Coffees

Many of our clients have commented on the rich, fragrant, and strong press-pot coffee we brew fresh for client meetings in our offices. This level of palatable perfection comes from The Focal Point team's shared passion for producing the very highest level of quality. That is why we are proud to announce our new TFP Signature Blended Coffees, available as fresh-roasted, whole beans shipped straight to your door, or brewed to order in your war room by one of our expert case manager/baristas.

These coffees, sourced from the world’s prime growing regions—Latin America, Africa, Oakland, and Indonesia—are from the finest estates. They are roasted by hand in small batches at our Webster Street office by our Production Supervisor, and former Peet’s Coffee Roasting Plant Manager, Amie Bailey. You have tried them at our home office, now buy them for your home or office:

  • Thought Leadership Blend
    This TFP signature blend combines the brightness of Guatemala Antigua to bring clarity to your taste buds, the piquant fruitiness of Ethiopian Sidamo to inspire your creativity, and the heft of Sumatra Blue Batak to convince you to have a second cup.
  • Right on the Markman Blend
    We claim this is best coffee in the legal services industry. Inspired by the spicy flavors of the Eastern District of Texas, this blend of two different roasts has a crisp and clean taste to help you define your terms.
  • In the Trenches Blend
    A rich blend of Indonesian coffees, with the heavy flavor profile required for the heavy lifting you need to do in the war room. Dark roasted and sustainably sourced to keep you sustained through the late nights.

Strong Coffee When You Need It Most…in the War Room

Why not have the comfort of our coffees in your war room? The Focal Point now offers War Room Coffee as a service. We sent our case managers to Siena, Italy for a six-week training course to become world-class baristas. So when they are not busy designing first-rate trial graphics, they can be hand-crafting creamy lattes, rich mochas, and classic cappuccinos for your trial team on our La Marzocco espresso machines (available for rental as part of our standard war room setup).

Offer expires at 11:59PM, April 1, 2012.