In this action, the Prosecution (the Constabulary of Elsinore) alleged that Prince Hamlet was not only guilty of taking four lives by mistake in acts of manslaughter and causing his betrothed to commit suicide over the death of her father Polonius, but that these lives were ended in the process of premeditating the murder of his uncle, King Claudius. While the Defendant’s counsel claimed self-defense on the basis of a letter written by King Claudius, the Prosecution successfully showed premeditation through Prince Hamlet’s own documented words and actions.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point, in conjunction with Beth Bonora of Bonora D’Andrea, worked with Cris Arguedas to create a series of graphics that focused on a number of themes in the case. Namely, the number of times that Prince Hamlet stated his delay in the killing of King Claudius as the timing was not quite right, the alteration of documents by Prince Hamlet causing the death of his childhood companions Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and the many times that Prince Hamlet committed to his path of violence and murder. The Focal Point also provided an evidentiary display for the Prosecution to clearly show the method in which each party’s life came to an untimely end as a result of the words or actions of Prince Hamlet.


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