Casey2Senior Director,
Trial Consulting


Since 2001, Casey has provided multimedia trial graphics and creative communication solutions for clients across the country, in both state and federal courts. An award-winning film writer, director, and producer, Casey brings his storytelling skills to bear on every case.

He has developed case themes for hundreds of high-profile clients, including Verizon, Yahoo!, Samsung, Facebook, Lenovo, and Merck Sharpe & Dohme. In addition to developing case themes, he determines which technology tools will best present these themes to a courtroom, he then provides the trial support to ensure seamless presentation, and often presents in court himself. Utilizing demonstrative tools as complex as interactive touchscreens or as basic as a pad and pencil, Casey has a knack for crafting the most effective way to convey a persuasive courtroom message.

Casey joins The Focal Point after serving 16 years as partner at Barnes & Roberts. He spent much of the last decade trying IP cases in the Eastern District of Texas, Delaware, and the Northern District of California, but he also specializes in product liability, construction defect, trade secret misappropriation, contract, and personal injury practices. As a keynote speaker for organizations such as the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC), Dallas Bar Association, and DRI, he demonstrated how law firms can use and benefit from new trial graphic technologies.

A graduate of Baylor University with a BFA in Film and Communications, Casey has received acclaim as a writer, director, and producer of feature and short films. Most recently, he wrote and directed the short comedy film, We’ll Find Something. He produced the film Upstream Color, which was awarded at the Sundance Film Festival and is distributed theatrically, digitally, and on Blu-ray. When not in a courtroom or behind a camera, Casey is a human-jungle-gym to his three sons.

“The role of the artist is to not look away.” 

– Akira Kurosawa

Significant Cases

Eolas v. Yahoo!
Ekbatani v. Caltrans
Tampa Bay Water v. HDR
Rembrandt v. Facebook
Bedrock v. Yahoo!
The MathWorks v. COMSOL
Motionless Keyboard v. Nokia
DPR v. Rees
Tulip v. Dell Computers
Alcatel-Lucent v. Amazon, Overstock
SEC v. Mark Cuban
7IP Innovation v. Red Hat
American Honda v. Stellar