Winning Strategies. Flawlessly Delivered.

At The Focal Point, we help you uncover, test, and develop the most persuasive case theories and themes, and we design them into winning courtroom presentations.

Through a proven 5-step process including our Mental Mining® and Jury Consulting methodologies, we work with you to explore and test strategic issues, discover critical insights, and develop powerful trial graphics. Our courtroom presentations are designed to have maximum impact on the decision makers in your case, including judges, jurors, and government regulators.

With over 25 years in the litigation strategy and graphics business, and a team that combines actual trial experience and technological know-how, The Focal Point helps you to strategically and visually refine your case, making it easier for judges and jurors to understand.

Our Mission

At The Focal Point, our mission is to be your best advocate. This means helping you clarify your case; testing your case story; selecting a favorable jury; creating and presenting powerful, persuasive graphics; and giving you the in-the-trenches support you need to make the most convincing argument to judges and juries.

Our mission also carries with it a promise. As the premier provider of trial consulting and visual trial strategies to the legal community nationwide, we utilize constant innovation, strategic thinking, and cutting-edge technology to create a courtroom environment in which arguments are focused, communication is enhanced, and clarity of thinking, seeing, and understanding is paramount.

“In addition to producing the very best in graphics and assistance with case presentation, The Focal Point provided outstanding client service and turnaround.”

James McGinnisJames McGinnis
Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP